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"Why am I here?"

Welcome to Bone Castle, located at the heart of The City of Strife.
I am Cyric, the One and the All, God of Murder and Intrigue, Patron of Deception and Chaos, Prince of Lies, the Dark Sun, rightful Lord of the Dead, Cyric-on-a-stick, and known to some as "the Mad God." I welcome you to Pandemonium...

Death to all who oppose Cyric.
Bow down before his supreme power, and yield to him the blood of those that do not believe in his supremacy.
Fear and obey those in authority, but slay those that are weak, of good persuasion, or false prophets.
Bring death to those that oppose Cyric's church or make peace, order, and laws, for only Cyric is the true authority.
Break not into open rebellion, for marching armies move the false deities to action.
Fell one foe at a time and keep all folk afraid, uneasy, and in constant strife.
Any method or means is justified if it brings about the desired end.

– Dogma, Church of Cyric
Forgotten Realms, 3rd Edition Sourcebook

Lord Cyric, Prince of Lies

Greetings! I am the John Wetzler you've heard so little about; the man who brings donuts to the masses...

To avoid upsetting anyone, let me get some acknowledgements out of the way. Lord Cyric is probably the coolest of the gods from the Forgotten Realms™. The Forgotten Realms™ was created, originally, by Ed Greenwood, and has been expanded by more people than I could possibly name.

Cyric himself was developed by "Richard Awlinson" (the Avatar Trilogy), James Lowder (Prince of Lies and Laughter in the Flames, a short story from the book Realms of Infamy), and Troy Denning (Crucible: The Trial of Cyric the Mad). Cyric rose to power following the Avatar Crisis. As a result of this crisis, Toril (the world of Forgotten Realms™) faced the end of four major gods. The powers of three of these gods (Lord Bane, "The Black Lord," God of Strife and Tyranny; Lord Bhaal, "Lord of Murder," God of Assassins; and Lord Myrkul, "Lord of Bones," Overseer of the Dead) were transferred to Cyric. The powers of the fourth, Mystra, Goddess of Magic, were transferred to the mortal known as Midnight, a former companion of Cyric's.

All Cyric and Forgotten Realms™ material are property of Wizards of the Coast. Painting of Cyric by Brom.

Lord Cyric's first opening to the World Wide Web, created on July 22, 1995.