A long time ago (roughly 20 years, yeesh), I received an E-mail from none other than James Lowder, author of the oft-mentioned novel, Prince of Lies. Then, there was some disagreement from several people around the country as to details surrounding several of the characters from Cyric's history. Thus, I thought it appropriate to ask Mr. Lowder his views on several points. The following is the response, extracted directly from the E-mail:

I'm not connected with TSR in any official way, and they own the copyright to Prince. I doubt they'd give you permission to reprint the epilogue. In fact, they'd likely squelch the Cyric page if they found out about it.

As for Mask, TSR and I have different thoughts on that. I wrote an article for Dragon magazine about the gods post-Prince, but it was killed before publication.

IMO, Mask was *always* the sword. That's where he hid part of himself/his power during Avatar. He could sense the Avatar heroes were on to something, so he made himself available to them--specifically Cyric. He was planning on pimping over Cyric from the start.

When the sword was broken, Mask became a servitor of Cyric. Because he was devoted to Cyric, thanks to the Cyrinishad, all of Mask's worshipers were actually feeding power to Cyric; Cyric was granting their prayers through Mask.

This isn't official of course. I think that TSR did something else with Mask's fate in the Ruins of Zhentil Keep boxed set and the Faiths and Avatars book. I haven't read either, so I couldn't give you more specifics.

FYI: Richard Awlinson stands for Scott Ciencin, Troy Denning, and myself. I was editor/developer for the original trilogy; I did a lot of the work developing Cyric and the Realm of the Dead. He was, even then, a favorite character of mine.

Troy Denning is supposedly writing a sequel to Prince of Lies, likely for 1997 release. I don't know anything else about it; they didn't ask me to write the sequel.

In case you're interested, I'm working mostly with White Wolf these days. I have short stories in three of their anthologies--Truth Until Paradox, City of Darkness-Unseen, and The Splendour Falls. I'm writing a creator-owned novel in White Wolf's Borealis line--an Arthurian book titled To Dream of Kings--due out summer or fall 1997.

Again, cool page. Cyric is also a big fan of Oingo Boingo. Many of the chapters in Prince are tips of the hat to songs on "Dead Man's Party". It seemed really appropriate, somehow.

Jim Lowder

Nothing has been removed from Mr. Lowder's message, with the exception of his email address. I figured he'd appreciate that.